02-07 WRX & STi Turbo XS RBV Blow Off Valve

02-07 WRX & STi Turbo XS RBV Blow Off Valve



  • Subaru STI 2004-2007
  • Subaru WRX 2002-2007

The TurboXS RBV Recirculating BOV is a simple bolt on upgrade that will prolong the life of your turbo charger. This WRX & STI specific kit is designed very similar to your stock blow off valve by hooking up to the recirculation fitting, and allowing you to running high boost levels without leaks. Included with the kit are a gasket, washers to increase spring tension, and necessary hoses.


  • This valve is for recirculation only and can not vent to atmosphere.
  • bypass valve requires reuse of the factory recirculation elbow. Please call if you have further questions

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