1993-98 Supra AEM EMS V2

1993-98 Supra AEM EMS V2


AEM's Plug and Play Engine Management System (EMS) is a user-programmable full standalone ECU. Replacing your Supra's stock ECU with a AEM EMS V2 is simple, it literally plugs directly into the stock wiring harness. The AEM EMS's Windows-based software makes tuning, injector scaling, and sensor calibration a simple process. User-Defined templates make tuning the AEM EMS even simpler, as you can establish quick keys to speed up the tuning process. While professional tuning is required, the Supra EMS also comes with stock base maps, to get the car running, and speed along the tuning process. The AEM EMS V2 standalone ECU for the Supra is infinitely adjustable, and with the large variety of available sensors (i.e. MAP, EGT, IAT, etc.) advanced tuners can set vehicles up for advanced, more complex features. When used with the AEM UEGO wideband (sold separately), the AEM EMS has the capability to auto-tune fuel curves. In addition, the datalogging capabilities of this system are second to none.

AEM EMS Features:

  • Direct replacement for factory ECU-No additional wiring or hardware necessary, installs in minutes and uses all the factory sensors
  • 16/32 Hybrid high-speed processor, NEW Automatic fuel mapping, w/ Onboard 512kb Datalogger
  • 7 definable switch inputs , USB input
  • Definable knock control
  • 2 step launch control
  • 12 cyl sequential fuel injection
  • 4 EGT inputs with fuel control
  • Wet or dry nitrous control
  • Start-up calibration (base map) included
  • 16 available general purpose outputs


  • Toyota Supra 1993-1998

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