1993-98 Supra HKS Titanium Catback Exhaust

1993-98 Supra HKS Titanium Catback Exhaust


The HKS titanium exhaust is one of the most popular exhaust systems on the market for the MKIV Supra. The exhaust features a full titanium muffler section with 4.5" tip, 4" stainless steel piping, and vband connections through out the whole system. It includes a 4" to 3" adapter and will bolt up to any aftermarket 3" downpipe as well. The HKS titanium has a nice deep tone, but is not obnoxiously loud. If you are looking for a high quality exhaust that sounds great and performs even better, look no further!


  • Toyota Supra 1993-1998 Turbo ONLY

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