2003-06 EVO AEM ECU Harness

2003-06 EVO AEM ECU Harness


Forget the days of cutting, splicing, hacking and soldering your stock Evolution ECU harness while under your dash or bent over a cramped engine bay. With the AEM harness extension kit, wiring into your 03-06 Evolution 8 or 9 ECU harness has never been easier. The AEM harness is simply a plug & play extension between your ECU and your oem engine harness, allowing you to easily wire in piggyback computers, fuel controllers, data loggers or any other type of ancillary device that needs to be tapped into the harness.

Because the AEM harnesses utilize OEM Mitsubishi plug connections, you are no longer confined to wiring under the dashboard or in the engine bay, eliminating poor connections due to inadequate work space. The best part is that with an AEM extension harness, your stock harness remains virtually untouched, allowing devices that are no longer desired to be cleanly and easily uninstalled in a matter of minutes. The AEM extension harness is a great supporting modification for the AEM FIC controller, available separately.


03-05 Evolution 8 & 2006 Evolution 9 use different harnesses, please choose accordingly.


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 8 & 9 2003-2006

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