2003-06 EVO Greddy T67 Turbo

2003-06 EVO Greddy T67 Turbo


This Greddy Turbo kit comes with a T67 Turbo (25g), exhaust manifold, downpipe, Greddy Type-R external wastegate, gaskets, and all oil lines and fittings. This kit is not for the light-hearted; it is meant be run at 28-32 psi or more and can produce 500+ WHP. The kit includes one piping section to plumb into the stock intercooler piping. We suggest using a large intercooler with this kit so the Greddy might not be the optimal choice. This is not just a bolt-on and go kit; it will take some modifications to make everything work well. Fuel upgrades, engine management, and a clutch are a must with this kit. This is a special order item, there are no returns/cancellations. We try to keep these in stock, but when we sell out they can take up to 4 weeks to come back in.


  • Actual kit will vary from unit shown.

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