2003-06 EVO Injen Intake and Intercooler Pipe Kit

2003-06 EVO Injen Intake and Intercooler Pipe Kit


How can you easily improve your Evo's performance and looks at the same time? We've got you covered. Reduce the chance of boost leaks, increase flow, and do it in style with Injen's aluminum alloy intercooler piping. This kit features a cast multi-stage tuned mid section for maximized airflow throughout the entire power band. Combined with the upper and lower intercooler piping, the system eliminates hose expansion to increase throttle body response going into boost. Injen designed this to be an easy install for easy power. Speaking of power, how do gains of up to 32 HP and 24 ft/lbs of torque sound? Includes pipes, cast mid section, composite filter adapter, filter, couplers, and instructions.


  • This intake intercooler pipe system will work with the factory front mount or with almost any aftermarket unit.

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