2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 ATP Down Pipe and Race Pipe

2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 ATP Down Pipe and Race Pipe


Gaining up to 30whp throughout the RPM range on your Mazdaspeed3 is a bolt-on away with one of ATP's high performance downpipe and racepipe options. ATP's downpipe for the Mazdaspeed3 are available in two configurations, a catless 'long' downpipe that replaces both your stock downpipe and rear cat pipe or the two piece catless downpipe for those looking to replace only the stock downpipe or the stock catpipe. With so many versatile options available, there is sure to be a ATP downpipe configuration to suit any power goal. All ATP downpipes have the proper 02 sensor accommodations for a clean install to your turbo and exhaust system.

Please Note:

  • Though available, adding only the ATP 'short' downpipe or racepipe will require some trial and error to mate up to the stock catpipe or stock upper downpipe without creating exhaust leaks. Please be aware of this before purchase. We highly recommend the 'long' style downpipes or using the 'short' downpipe in conjunction with the racepipe for the easiest install and best performance.

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