2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 ATP Short Ram Intake and Turbo Inlet

2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 ATP Short Ram Intake and Turbo Inlet


The ATP short ram intake for the 07-13 Mazdaspeed3 comes with a silicone coupler, billet aluminum MAF housing and a performance open element intake filter. Coupled with the ATP turbo inlet pipe, this intake kit will give you a true 3 inch induction system. The ATP intake kit will also delete the restrictive factory airbox and allow room to run front mount intercooler piping through the engine bay. Available in red, blue or black silicone. Please be aware that this intake is designed to work with the ATP turbo inlet pipe (available below) and will not bolt up to the stock turbo inlet without modification.


  • This intake requires the ATP turbo inlet
  • The intake requires custom tuning as it uses a full 3" MAF housing.
ATP Turbo Inlet Pipe

Just take one look at the plastic molded stock turbo inlet and you will see how it's pancaked design chokes airflow and robs your MS3 of its full performance potential. The ATP turbo inlet pipe for the 07-13 Mazdaspeed3 is constructed from full 3" polished cast aluminum to allow more air intake volume, giving your speed3 quicker spool and less intake turbulence. Specifically designed to handle the intake demands of a big Garrett turbocharger, the ATP turbo inlet can also be used to increase flow and maximize power on the stock turbo with the available reduction coupler. Silicone couplers available in red, blue or black. Please note that this turbo inlet is designed to be used with the ATP short ram intake (available above) and can accommodate a stock or ATP Garrett turbocharger. Please select the proper inlet for your car below. The ATP turbo inlet will not work with other brand aftermarket intakes without modification.


  • This turbo inlet requires the ATP 3" intake


  • Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

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