2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 cp-e QKspl Bellmouth DownPipe 3"

2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 cp-e QKspl Bellmouth DownPipe 3"


Following the same successful recipe they have used for their other downpipes, their new MS3 downpipe replaces the choked factory pipe and its two restrictive cats. The result of their efforts is reduced backpressure, decreased turbo spool time, increased horsepower and a more aggressive sound.

Although more power and great sound are high priority items when buying a 3? downpipe, the fine details are what ensure that the product will satisfy the end-user for a lifetime.

The cast bellmouth piece on the downpipe ensures smooth flow and transition. The casting includes three Oxygen Sensor bungs ’_’_’± two for the factory sensors and another for a wideband. Their catless version also includes the cp-e_ ¢ Tuneable O2 Sensor kit to eliminate the unwanted check engine light.

To keep the quality high, cp-e_ ¢ has used TIG welds to secure each piece of the downpipe. TIG welds are usually avoided in this industry because they require more time and skill than a MIG weld, despite the fact that TIG welds are better suited for thin metals, are better looking, and create a more durable bond. They held nothing back with this product.

The downpipe comes complete with all necessary hardware required for a complete and professional installation, is made in the U.S.A, and includes a full lifetime warranty.

Because this product replaces/removes an OEM emissions control device we must state that this product is for offroad use only.


  • Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

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