2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 Turbo XS Stealthback Exhaust

2007-13 MazdaSpeed3 Turbo XS Stealthback Exhaust


The single best exhaust mod for your Mazdaspeed3 is undoubtedly a high-flow downpipe and racepipe combination. The 'stealthback' exhaust gets its name because it was designed to enhance performance without significantly changing how your Mazdaspeed3 looks or sounds. The TurboXS stealthback consists of a 3" bellmouth downpipe coupled to a full 3" stainless steel racepipe, which will increase exhaust flow and drastically improve turbo spool, horsepower and torque output. The Stealthback exhaust now includes a flex section in both the downpipe and the race pipe to reduce stress on the system under heavy acceleration. This stealthback exhaust for the Mazdaspeed3 includes an adapter plate for your OEM catback exhaust or will mate to any aftermarket catback system to as part of a full turboback exhaust. Kit includes OEM adapter plate, gaskets and hardware. Because this system eliminates the stock cats, a catalyst inefficiency engine code may result with the use of this product.


  • While the downpipe and racepipe are offered seperately, but they ONLY work in combination with each other.


  • Mazdaspeed3 2007-2013

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