2008-10 STi Tanabe Sustec Pro FIVE Coilovers

2008-10 STi Tanabe Sustec Pro FIVE Coilovers


The Tanabe Sustec Pro FIVE coilovers are a fully height and compression/rebound adjustable suspension system which offers many professional grade features at a fraction of the cost. Dual plated stamped steel front suspension brackets offer extremely rugged and durable construction, resisting damage where similar systems fall short. The rear suspension features high tensile CNC forged aluminum knuckles that are both lightweight while also extremely rigid, exceeding many OEM vehicle standards. Pro FIVE coilovers include the competition spec PRO210 race springs, exhibiting unmatched handling, balance and controllable traction throughout the spring range. Also featured are the included camber adjustable front solid pillowball mounts and solid rubber rear mounts, allowing for custom front camber settings and preventing suspension geometry changes under load. The Sustec Pro FIVE coilovers are also fully compatible with the TEAS (Tanabe Electric Actice Suspension) System, allowing for programmable speed-sensitive damper adjustments (sold separately). If your vehicle needs professional grade, the Tanabe Sustec Pro FIVE system is your best option.


  • Spring Rate lbs/in (F/R): 448/336
  • Drop Rate (F/R): -0.00in to -2.00in/-0.00in to -2.00in


  • Subaru STI 2008-2010

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