2008-14 WRX Agency Power Adjustable Blow Off Valve

2008-14 WRX Agency Power Adjustable Blow Off Valve


What makes the Agency Power Blow Off Valve better than the others? The base is designed to use the factory gasket and sit flush will the factory top mount intercooler and all aftermarket front and top mount intercoolers. The brass nipple on the side is ridged to ensure the vacuum hose stays secure and has no leaks. AP designed their Subaru BOV to be used in three different configurations: The valve can be 100% vent to atmosphere (VTA), 100% recirculate (RBV) or it can be reconfigured to be a 50/50 valve. As a 50/50 half of the air is returned to the intake pipe and half is vented out. Agency Power includes the return line plug just in case you want to run the full VTA set up.

AP designed their BOV in the USA and it is manufactured in the USA using T6061 CNCed aluminum. The sleek body has a smooth round surface is available in three different anodized finishes: Blue, Red and Silver. The top of the valve has the AP logo engraved on the triangle style top which adjusts the valves spring load. This is held in place by a diamond cut lock ring. The inside of the valve is operated with a piston and steel spring. The spring rate is manufactured to the correct rate allow for adjustments from stock to aggressive boost levels.


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