2008-15 EVO X AEM Cold Air Intake

2008-15 EVO X AEM Cold Air Intake


The new AEM Cold Air Intake kit for the 08-10 Evolution X is one of the best and first mods you can do to your car. This system incorporates a fully enclosed airbox which houses a 3x5" DRYFLOW filter and uses the factory air duct to draw in the coolest air possible. The cross-linked polyethylene airbox leads into an aluminim CNC-machined MAF adapter which feeds the turbo by way of a high flow turbo inlet constructed of ultra-strong EPDM rubber. AEM has seen gains of up to 16.6hp and 17ft/lbs of torque with this system; making this a great bang for the buck.


  • Mitsubishi Evolution X 2008-2015

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