2008-16 STi Grimmspeed Top Mount Intercooler

2008-16 STi Grimmspeed Top Mount Intercooler


Your OEM TMIC does just fine at stock boost under normal use, but as soon as you start putting some real heat into it with higher boost or harder use, it heat-soaks beyond recovery. GrimmSpeed has designed the ULTIMATE top mount intercooler for your performance oriented Subaru. Rather than designing the largest possible core, or the core with the highest possible fin density, GrimmSpeed created a well-rounded unit that's designed specifically for Subarus making up to 550whp. That said, this particular core flows over 1500CFM and will support up to 575WHP before it's likely that a FMIC might be better suited for your system. To achieve the quality, tight tolerances, pressure tightness and strength that you expect, permanent mold casting were used. Every end tank is cast from the same CNC machined mold, ensuring a dimensionally perfect castings with an amazing surface finish. After casting, every single mating surface is precision machined for a leak-free finish and unbeatable fitment. Finally every intercooler is hand TIGed then pressure tested to 50psi and thoroughly cleaned before it's sealed up and prepared for shipping


  • Smooth End Tank Internal Contours
  • Machined Throttle Body Connection - Tight, leak and trouble-free seal
  • Machined Flange Faces and Internal Bores
  • Permanent Mold End Tank Tooling and Casting - Allows much tighter tolerances and higher strength
  • Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts - Prevent cross-threading or damaged threads
  • High-Density, High-Flow Core
  • Cleaned, Inspected and Sealed Prior to Shipping


  • Subaru STI 2008-2016

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