2009-16 Nissan GT-R Agency Power Short Ram Intake

2009-16 Nissan GT-R Agency Power Short Ram Intake


Factory air boxes are always designed well from the manufacturer, however a small panel filter has restriction and limits to it. Stock intakes are also designed to eliminate sound where tuners want more from their turbos. The Agency Power Short Ram Intake kit features 3 inch aluminum piping that has a CNC machined mass air flow sensor mount from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Designed on CAD to ensure a proper OEM fit, the intakes fit in place of the factory unit from the throttle body forward. Each intake features a high flow K&N cone filter with front induction which is key on the GT-R's stock intake system. These intake retain the factory inlets on the front bumper to help draw in a large amount of cool air. Unlike conventional cone filters with a flat front, they will block air flow where the K&N ones draw more air in. The intakes as tested on Agency Power's demo vehicle using a Mustang all wheel drive dyno made 30 wheel horsepower and greatly improve throttle response and turbo spool up. The intakes are sold as a pair and available in wrinkled red or polished.


  • Nissan GT-R 2009-2015

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