2011-14 WRX & STi Sedan Turbo XS Catback exhaust

2011-14 WRX & STi Sedan Turbo XS Catback exhaust


Do you already have a TurboXS stealthback combo? Complete your setup with a Turbo XS catback. The Touring Muffler features the new Volume Tone Reduction (VTR) specification. The VTR specification maintains and enhances the exhaust tones you love while eliminating the rasp and drone you hate in a performance exhaust system. These new mufflers maintain a straight-through design that aids in exhaust gas flow and maximum power potential but keep sound pressure levels reasonable at idle and while cruising. The large piping diameter on the Turbo XS catback make it one of the best at adding power on the market. This catback is designed to bolt right up to your TurboXS stealthback without an adapter.


  • Subaru WRX/STi 2011-2014 Sedan Only

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