2013+ FR-S AVO Stage 1 Bolt On Turbo Kit

2013+ FR-S AVO Stage 1 Bolt On Turbo Kit


AVO has release their Stage 1 Front-mounted Turbocharger kit for the 2013+ FR-S! Engineered to fit both RHD and LHD models, they have designed this kit from the ground up with hours of trial and error and countless track days on 92 octane to make sure that this kit meets every expectation a serious tuner could ever ask for.

AVO's Turbo Kit was designed to bolt in right underneath the front portion of the motor via their stainless steel unequal exhaust manifold which bolts directly to the stock exhaust with their steel turbo downpipe. Without sacrificing any cooling, AVO has incorporated an aluminum bar and plate front mounted intercooling system which uses black piping through the motor to cool the air temps flowing through the car. Along with the intercooler a mechanical oil scavenging pump, oil reservoir tank and all necessary water and oil hoses have been supplied.

The FR-S ECU has a great design for an application like this, the ECU reacts incredibly fast to knock and parameter adjustments for compensation and helps increase reliability of the turbocharged direct injected motor capable of making upwards of 230whp at 6psi.


  • AVO18/49 Turbocharger with 5-7psi actuator - compressor wheel size 49.2/56
  • exhaust wheel size 50.5/68
  • Bar & Plate Aluminum Intercooler with cast endtanks. Length = 19" Height = 8" Width = 3"


  • Subaru FR-S 2013 -15

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