2013+ FR-S Perrin Over Pipe

2013+ FR-S Perrin Over Pipe


A smooth and unrestrictive exhaust path after the header is key to engine power and performance. With smooth bends and larger diameter tubing, the Perrin Performance overpipe increases flow without adversely effecting overall exhaust velocity. The Perrin Overpipe is made from 2.5", 304 stainless steel and is assembled with precision TIG welding. Unlike the factory 2.118" tubing with its sharp, crimp type bends, the Perrin piece is CNC mandrel bent for smooth air flow allowing for maximum horsepower. The flanges are CNC machined from 1/2" thick, 304 stainless steel and counterbored on the inside for a smooth transitions. New gaskets are included for a complete installation.


  • FR-S 2013 -15

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