2013+ Takeda BRZ Momentum Ram Intake

2013+ Takeda BRZ Momentum Ram Intake


Takeda combines years of research, cutting edge design and advanced in house testing facilities to develop some of the best performing and most versatile sport compact intake systems available. The Takeda BRZ Momentum intake features a one piece molded air box with a scoop to force cold air in for maximum power. The loop design of the intake tube improves low end torque and enhances sound quality. The system is capped with a top of the line Pro synthetic media filter for the ultimate in convenience, performance and engine protection.

All Takeda intakes are flow tested and dyno tuned in house with an emphasis on mid-range power, giving your BRZ more usable power and torque response in daily and real-world driving situations. Takeda intakes come complete with all installation hardware as well as step by step photo instructions for a simple bolt-on installation.


  • Subaru BRZ 2013 -15

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