Greddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller

Greddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller


Introducing the new Greddy Profec controller! The large OLED display with its simple two-button / rotary-dial control makes for easy operation. The ultra slim controller can display boost in digital, bar-graph, or graphical modes and can be rotated 180 degree for installation. Installation is easy and straightforward; only one thin harness is required to be routed through the firewall. The combination of the new 300kPa (43.5psi) integrated pressure sensor, the more compact 3 port solenoid valve, and the faster ECU processor all provide quicker response and the most stable boost curves yet.


  • 3 display types - Numeric, Bar Graph, & Map Graph
  • 2 preset setting, LO & HI, with 3rd timed Scramble boost setting
  • (Lo. & Hi.) Set % - to increase boost
  • Gain % - wastegate response adjustment
  • Start Boost - inital boost response adjustment
  • Warning point, warning limiter, peak-hold/Last boost
  • Dimensions: 89 x 36.5 x 22.8mm

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