How To Enter

Riide Or Diie Giveaway
Win This Wide Body Mark IV Supra!

There are two ways to enter the giveaway! The first way is to click the "Giveaway" tab at the top of this page, and purchase one of the many merchandise packages. Each package will give you 1 (one) entry out of the limited 2000 entries. If you buy two packages, you get 2 (two) entries and so on.

The second way you can enter the giveaway is to purchase a car part that you need for your current or future project through us. All you have to do is contact We Riide via email ( for any part for any make or model car, or for Supra and 2jz specific parts contact 2JZ Motorsports by email ( and let us know what part you are looking for.

Any car part $500 and above qualifies for an entry to win this Wide Body Supra! 

Remember! There are only 2000 spots available for this car, once those spots are filled, the giveaway is over! Good luck to all that enter!! 

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