Terms and Conditions

Legal Notice

ALL PRODUCTS SOLD THROUGH We Riide, LLC AND WWW.WERIIDE.COM ARE FOR RACING & OFF-ROAD USE ONLY UNLESS CLEARLY NOTED OTHERWISE. Products should never be used on public streets or highways. Check your local laws regarding use of products. We Riide, LLC is not responsible for your failure to comply with any or all local, state, or federal motor vehicles laws. We Riide, LLC highly recommends professional installation by a competent mechanic for all products we sell.

There are many product we sell that are not CARB compliant. We can not ship a non-CARB product to a CARB state regardless of your intended use (off-road/race car/etc). We Riide does not condone or encourage any illegal modifications to the emissions systems or ECU your vehicle.

We Riide, LLC shall not be liable or obligated under contract, negligence, strict liability, or other legal equitable theory for:

  • Any amounts in excess of any monies/aggregate fees paid to it.
  • Any incidental or consequential damages, lost profits, or costs of procurement of supporting parts, substitute goods, or services required, whatsoever.

By submitting an order to We Riide, LLC via the www.weriide.com web site, over the phone, or via email you agree to any and all terms and conditions outlined herein

Defective Products & Warranty Claims

If you receive a defective product or product you think is damaged or otherwise not what you ordered please contact us before you attempt to use or install the product, and within our 15 day return policy period and we will exchange the defective item for a new item of the same part number free of shipping charges equivalent to the shipping method of the original order. Upgraded shipping may be available at customer’s expense. Contact a We Riide rep to process your return.

In the event that a defect is claimed outside our return policy, but within the manufacturer’s warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly to process your claim. The manufacturer will have sole determination of the outcome of the claim. As a courtesy to our customers, We Riide will try to assist you with the claim, but we have no final say in the decision made by the manufacturer (i.e. approvals, denials, fees, etc.).

We Riide is not responsible for any labor or associated costs which occur as the result of the installation or removal of wrong or defective parts.

We Riide, LLC does not provide or fulfill any warranty on any of the products we sell. All merchandise is subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and therefore all warranty claims are at the manufacturer’s discretion. We Riide, LLC will assist you in any warranty claim by providing you and/or the manufacturer with contact information, copies of invoices, and notes regarding troubleshooting conversations. All warranted items must be returned in accordance with the manufacturer’s policy, see the product manufacturer’s website for their policy. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or installer to verify the correct size and application of the parts before installation. No warranty whatsoever will be given if the defect was caused by customer or installer abuse, negligence, mishandling, or improper installation. Customers will be responsible for all shipping and handling fees.

We Riide is not responsible for any labor or associated costs which occur as the result of the installation or removal of a warrantied part.

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